Lindsay returned to her first love, MySpace, to talk about how she "loves" being in Paris, but is missing Samantha!

In a blog posted yesterday, she says:

    *i'm sorry that i haven't written anyone here on Myspace in a bit, i've been traveling A LOT and pretty much out of the loop in terms of most things, aside from FASHION and the collection i've been designing with Estrella Archs (who is so wonderful!!)

    i'm in Paris, i love it here, missing my other half obviously! But, work is work!

    gotta run off to work now...

    lots of love always and forever

    xoxoxox LL

While we were surprised to find that she's finally giving credit to the actual Ungaro designer, Estrella Archs, we're now thoroughly confused as to what's going on in her personal life. Despite a slew of recent fights, she and Sam are apparently still a couple, and not only that, but Lilo may have even made nice with Sam's twin Charlotte! (Yesterday Lilo tweeted to Charlotte, "@cjronson I'm full already. Hope all is well, are you back in NYC? Congrats on your show! Sending love xoxox-r u coming 2 Paris bella?xox")

It's like opposite day in Lindsay's life or something.