After his arrest on Saturday in Switzerland for the 32 year-old charge of rape in the US, famed director Roman Polanski has asked to be paroled and confined to the walls of his luxurious Swiss chalet.

In case you weren't old enough to follow the rape case when it happened in the late 70's, here's some background and an extended excerpt from the jury trial transcripts.

The 13 year-old girl who was raped by Polish director Roman Polanski more than three decades years ago, gave the gruesome details of the incident in her 1977 testimony. Samantha Geimer was forced to give a very adult account of that night at Jack Nicholson's home:

geimerarchive.jpgProsecutor: "What did he say to you that indicated to you that he had an interest in photographing you?"
Samantha Geimer: "He showed me a Vogue magazine that he had done and he said, 'Would you like me to take your pictures?'"
"At any time did you pose without a top?"
"At that time were you wearing a bra?"
"So you were bare from the waist up?"
"Was that at his request or did you volunteer to do that?"
"That was at his request…
"I think I said I was thirsty. And he went in the kitchen and this refrigerator… and he got out a bottle of champagne. And he said, 'Should I open it?'
And I went, 'I don’t care'..."
"Did you get into the jacuzzi with your panties on?"
"When did you take them off?"
"I had gone outside. I was ready to get in and he said, 'Take off your underwear'.
"So I did and then got in."

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