love couple romantic love couple romantic love couple romantic

Aha! We first told you about Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler getting cozy almost exactly a year ago to the day, and it looks like the kissing co-stars STILL have something going on!

Last night Jen and Gerry snuck into Cliff's Edge in Silverlake around 9:30pm, and the lovebirds enjoyed a romantic meal and didn't leave until nearly midnight! X17 photographers on the scene tell X17online exclusively:

    "Jen and Gerard sat at a table in a darker area of the restaurant, and they appeared incredibly affectionate with one another. They were kissing, hugging and leaning in to talk to each other for over two hours! They definitely looked like a couple, and when they left, Gerard seemed cool with everything, but Jen made every effort not to be seen!"

When it was time to call it a night, Gerard left in his white Mercedes SL, and a few moments later Jen and her bodyguard emerged, but when Jen slipped into her car, she ducked behind the passenger seat in an attempt to hide from photogs. Jen's boydguard drove her home and Gerard went to another house afterwards, but we're guessing the next time we catch these secret lovers out and about, they'll reunite at Jen's for a sexy slumber party!