winofakeboobs.jpg Amy Winehouse allegedly spent around $14 million on partying during her seven month stay in St. Lucia this year, according to OK! Magazine.

Wait, wasn't she supposed to be getting healthy during her time there? And how the heck does one spend that much money on their extracurricular activities?!

And that wasn't the only thing the Wino spent her dough on this year - The Sun reports that the troubled singer also shelled our $60,000 for a boob job! Apparently Amy's once magnificent rack was totally deflated, and she underwent the procedure just days before she was set to appear on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing.

Amy's surgery apparently took her from a saggy 32B to a 32D, and the $60k bill covers the surgery, her hospital stay as well as recovery treatment. One worker at the London clinic said, "She looks amazing, like a new woman. Amy told us she wanted a new look - it's all part of her fresh start for her big comeback. We all feared she'd fallen off the wagon when she came in. Then we saw her bouncing around with these huge boobs which stand out as she's so tiny and skinny."

Should be interesting to see the results!