Less than two weeks after filing for divorce, it looks like Avril Lavigne is on the market for a new pad, and the latest rumor is that she's looking to live with Mischa Barton's ex-boyfriend, Brandon Davis!

Avril and her "close friend" Brandon have reportedly been house hunting in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills this past week, and while there is no official confirmation that the duo are an item, various online reports claim that the two are in fact bumping uglies and looking to move in together!

We've spotted the two partying together over the past year (while Av was still married to Deryck, we might add!), but we have yet to catch the punky pop princess doing the walk of shame from Brandon's house. Then again, Deryck was spotted making out with a model last week, so it wouldn't surprise us if Avril was on the rebound and out for revenge. I guess Brandon fits the bill?

A source tells In Touch Weekly, "Avril is selling her home where she lived with Deryck, while Brandon still lives in his family's Bel-Air mansion ... They both needed a place to live, so they decided to move in together. She and Brandon aren't sure where the romance is headed. But Brandon has never lived with a woman before, so it's a big commitment on his part."

Eh, so what's next, shots of these two sucking face while leaving Voyeur at 2am? We'll keep you posted!