JC Chasez dashed the hopes of millions of former teeny-boppers (who are now in their 20s) when he emphatically told MTV News that there was no chance in hell 'NSYNC would ever be getting back together.

"Nope," Chasez said in response to questions about any any reunion tours OR albums that might be in 'NSYNC's future. "I keep in touch with all of them. [We don't want to do it] because we already did that and it was fun, but we're done with it."

JC went on to say that although he's not competitive with his former bandmates and pals, he believes he was just as good a dancer as JT.

"I would say that was a toss-up between Justin and I. We just had very different styles," JC said. "Justin was very fluid and more the crooner, and I was more high-energy and power."

Ok, well if they ever get back on stage together, maybe we'll be able to see if he can hold his own beside JT these days!