balloonboy.jpgPic courtesy ABC

The idea that Falcon Heene's family perpetuated a hoax in which the entire country believed the boy was stuck in a hot air balloon isn't the most nauseating thing to come out about this story -- this morning during a grueling round of interviews, the poor boy vomited live on camera!

On Larry King, Falcon's father asked him whether or not he could hear his parents calling for him when they thought he had been carried away in the balloon (but he was really hidden away in the attic), and the boy responded, "You guys said 'We did this for the show.'"

That temporarily silenced his father, who, after a second just said, "Man," while his mom said "no."

Then, on the Today Show, poor little Falcon looked sick and green during the entire interview...before he puked live on camera! While the boy had his head in a bowl, his father just continued answering questions from Meredith Viera:

These two are starting to make Jon & Kate look like model parents!