Here's a blast from the past: X17online caught up with Brit's former pal Sam Lutfi outside of a West Hollywood restaurant where he gave our cameraman an impromptu interview about the "sad" state of his friend's current life.

"She’s not entitled to talk to whatever friends she wants to hang out with, or have a cell phone, or go where ever she wants," Sam told us, "and I just think it’s quite sad."

We asked Sam when the last time he talked to his pal was, and he told us, "I can't say," in reference to the restraining order her parents took out against him. "But She knows I miss her and I’ll see her again soon. I think all this will come to an end and she’ll have her freedom," Sam continued.

We asked Sam if he thought, despite her imprisonment, Britney was in a more stable place in her life now than when they were close. "I can honestly say no," he responded, somewhat surprisingly. Sam added, "It would be great if someone was able to ask her that and she was able to answer that question on her own."

Sam continued, "How can you strip someone of their own civil rights to act freely and speak freely? What’s going on is unjust and wrong."

Brit seems to have been seeking an end to her conservatorship, which seems to have dragged on for way longer than necessary.

Sam is contesting the restraining order and the suit filed against him by Jamie and Lynne Spears (which he calls "lies") and is confident he'll be vindicated by a court of law.