Chris Brown has made no secret of his lingering feelings towards his ex, Rihanna, but we do find it quite synergistic that he's chosen to release his new video, I Can Transform Ya the same day Rihanna released her new album cover, showing the Good Girl Gone Bad completely transformed into something darker!

The video has simple set, in a Single Ladies kind of way, featuring Brown singing and dancing in front of a white background, occasionally joined by Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz.

It also employs some visual effects, where Chris transforms (get it!) from sports cars, helicopters and videotape (?) into a grafitti-spraying R&B artist. There's also alot of dancing around with nunchucks and ninjas -- so in other words, acting like a 10 year old boy.

Chris sings in the vid, "I can transform ya, I can transform ya/ Anything you want, I got it, I can get it for you/ You my baby girl, so you know I get it for you," but after this Tweet he posted yesterday about Rihanna, it seems like he's the one who's been transformed into an emotional wreck.