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Dennis Quaid probably thought he was going to enjoy a nice romantic meal with his wife Kimberly last night, but since a certain other Kimberly was having her birthday bash at Philippe Chow, there were hordes of photographers camped outside the restaurant. Dennis seemed overwhelmed by all the attention as he made his way into the hip eatery, but the real excitement happened when he left!

X17 photographers tell us that just as soon as Dennis climbed into his SUV and got behind the wheel, a cop pulled up next to him in the parking lot. The cop noticed that Dennis had a little too much to drink, and he told him several times to get out of the car. Dennis seemed scared at first, but when he asked if he could get out and go back into the restaurant to call a cab, the officer said yes and let him go.

Technically Dennis could have gotten a DUI as he moved the car a few inches, but it looks like the cop was in a good mood last night! Either that or he was giving Dennis special treatment because he was famous...