A former bodyguard for Anna Nicole Smith testified yesterday that he saw the late model's lover/lawyer Howard K. Stern cook a crushed Valium pill in a spoon and draw the drug into a syringe for her in October of 2006, just four months before she died of drug related causes.

Maurice Brighthaupt told the courtroom that he witnessed Howard injecting Anna Nicole in her Bahamas home shortly after her son Daniel died from a drug overdose.
Brighthaupt said, "I saw him drawing up liquid from the spoon that was being cooked. She couldn't swallow. Anna and Howard felt if they put it in the blood system that it would get into her system quicker."

Brighthaupt said he saw Stern inject Smith with medications "four or five" times in months leading up to her own death, and he also saw Dr. Khristine Eroshevich deliver chloral hydrate to the Bahamas and inject Smith on at least one occasion.

However, Stern's lawyer sang a different tune. He said, "Prescription medications were never injected by Howard K. Stern. Howard K. Stern loved Anna. He was concerned about Anna's welfare. That's why he wanted to make certain that the doctors prescribed the right medication. He was always with Anna, and it was his hope that Anna would take the medication as she was supposed to to control her pain. She needed to manage her pain."

Hmm, who do you believe?