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A few hours after we snapped these shots of John Mayer going for a stroll in the meatpacking district in NYC yesterday afternoon, he posted his new music video, "Who Says" on his official Twitter page. John sings about girls, marijuana and friends in the song, and while he may be a bit of a douche at times, we love this tune - check it out!

On the subject of being a douche, John did an interview with NY Mag's Vulture last night, and some of the things he said are making us laugh, but at the expense of the poor reporter and her editor!

When the reporter stated that she thought someone else besides Barack Obama should have received the Nobel Peace Prize, John asked, "Who? If you don't know who else should have gotten it instead of Obama, I love you, you're beautiful, but shut your f*cking mouth." And that's just the beginning...

What do you think about health care? Would you take the public option?
Have you ever heard me play guitar? I'm really f*cking good. You know what I'm bad at? Answering questions about public health care. This is not in my wheelhouse. Do you have any questions about music? I almost got a mad need to lighten up. You need to lighten up, because the questions you asked me were all trouble-making questions. If someone gave me the Nobel Peace Prize, and I didn't deserve it, I would just shut my mouth and enjoy the hell out of it.

Which I'm sure he's doing.
What's he going to do, send it back? It's like I'm getting a wrongful bulge in my pants and everyone's thinking I've got a nine-inch c*ck. I'm not going to argue with them, I'm going to let them think I have a nine-inch c*ck.

Why don't you tell me about your new album? You've been in the studio for a while.
I have a record coming out November 17.

Any particular theme or inspiration behind this one that makes it different from previous albums?
Look what we're doing right now! We're connecting right now! This is great! Yeah, it's going to be quite melodically bright, but the themes are all about heartbreak.

How is that different? Haven't you written a lot about heartbreak?
I think most artists do, but this is really breaking into the theme of it as a concept.

Is there hope behind the heartbreak?
The melody is the hope. The lyrics are the heartbreak, the melody is the hope. If you have the lyrics being the heartbreak and the music as the heartbreak, your editor made you ask stupid fucking questions! You're standing in front of me acting as if these questions are fair, but now we're talking about something real. So there was stuff I wanted to put on the record that just didn't fit the concept. So the next record will have that concept.

What concept?
More political things, worldly things.

Such as?
Nothing rhymed with public option.

You don't always have to rhyme, though.
I'm going to forcefully sodomize your editor.