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X17 photographers caught Lindsay Lohan attempting to sneak out of the Chateau Marmont around 12pm today, and we spotted her new lover boy/luggage boy, model Petey Wright trailing behind her. Lindsay's assistant came to pick the duo up in a silver Lexus, and an X17 photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:

    "Lindsay came out first and Petey followed her like a puppy, carrying her luggage and taking her lead. Lindsay rushed into the car, but she wasn't exactly covering her face, so she probably didn't care too much about being photographed with Petey. If anything, I'd say she wants to make a certain ex-girlfriend of hers jealous with these shots!"

While Lindsay was wearing a different outfit, it looks like Petey was still rocking the same Canadian tuxedo and white v-neck we photographed him in last night. Dirty...and hot! Kinda like Lindsay right? And is it just us, or is there something about his look that's a little bit reminiscent of Samantha Ronson's style?

After the photo shoot yesterday (where sources tell X17online the hot new couple was all over each other), Lindsay's pal Jorge posted this picture of the gang sexing it up in a candid shot:

ahotmesslilo.jpgimage courtesy of Jorge Perez Jr.'s Twitter

Looks like Lindsay's DEF back to boys! But will this romance last? Or will their relationship have the lifespan of a mayfly?