Larry Birkhead returned to the witness stand today in the case against Howard K. Stern, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, where he claimed the prosecutor suggested that Anna Nicole's drug use has left Dannielynn developmentally challenged and that he should "ramp it up" on the witness stand.

The AP reports that Birkhead said the remarks by Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Sarah Slice were made outside of court, with Slice even calling him to admonish him for taking Stern's side in the testimony.

"I felt the district attorney was frustrated," Birkhead said today on the witness stand. "She said I should bite my tongue. She then went into a long speech about my daughter, and how there was going to be something wrong with her." Larry went on to reveal, "She said my daughter is going to be frustrated in learning and I should find something she excels in. She said she had studied the way the brain was made up."

Holy inappropriateness!

But she didn't stop there. Today, before his most recent testimony, Birkhead said Slice approached him in the elevator, where, according to Birkhead, "it was suggested to me it appeared I was taking up for Mr. Stern and Anna couldn't speak for herself."

"It upset me," Birkhead said when asked how he felt about the remarks. I'm sure it would upset any parent!

Larry also said that despite witnessing Anna Nicole take methadone during her pregnancy, he has not noticed any signs of physical or mental disability in Dannielynn.

Saturday night, Larry looked decidedly less upset when we caught him out with a new mystery woman -- guess that's one way to cure the blues over someone calling his daughter disabled!