X17online can report exclusively that Brad Pitt fell off his motorcycle after hitting the back of a car in Hollywood just ten minutes ago.

Brad appeared to be uninjured (thankfully he was wearing his helmet), and he picked up his bike and pulled it off the road. Brad then went into a building just next to the scene of the accident, and X17 photographers on the scene tell X17online that the bike he was riding was the one we spotted being delivered to his house just the other day.

Brad's assistant just picked him and is now taking him home, and they left the bike at the scene of the accident.

Brad was cut off by a photographer driving a Toyota Camry just moments before the incident occurred. That shook Brad and appeared to contribute to him losing his balance. It was then that he hit the car in front of him and fell off of his bike. As far as we know, there was no damage to the motorcycle or to the car but as you can imagine, Brad was very upset with the photographer.

X17 photographers witnessed a visibly upset Brad speaking with the photographer who cut him off, as he pulled his bike from the street. But it looks like everything is going to be okay, as Brad was smiling when he left the building to hop into his assistant's car.