Of all the adorable celebritots out there these days, we somehow managed narrow down our list of nominees who have the ability to melt our cold hearts just by gazing at their baby pictures. Some of them burst onto the scene in 2009 (like Bronx and Levi) and others were perennial favorites who just keep getting more and more lovable every time we see them!

This year Harlow welcomed a little brother, but her cherubic cheeks and glowing smile are all we at the X17 office could talk about!

Kingston may be one of the older kids on our list, but he continues to delight with his amaze fashion sense (thanks to his mom) and too-cool haircuts!

Shiloh's one of the most famous and beautiful tots out there, but 2009 was the year she lost her first tooth and developed her own sense of style!

Bronx made quite an impression on the celeb kid scene in 2009 as the first truly emo baby. But his blonde hair and big cheeks would make even a goth kid light up!

Honor was voted "Choice Celebrity Baby" at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, and although she's got a penchant for pouting (just like mom), she's still adorbs!

Little Levi McConaughey may be fairly new to the celebrity baby club, but his laid-back surfer-dude 'tude (inherited from Dad, no doubt) captured our hearts!

Although WE can't pick a favorite, we're asking you guys to!

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