X17online is launching our first ever X-List -- A year-end poll of the celebs who left a lasting impression, for better or for worse.

We won't be featuring your standard categories like "Hottest Hookup" or "Worst Dressed", we'll be putting our very own X-citing twist on the list!

Everyday we'll be revealing a new category, so make sure to check X17online weekdays at 12pm PST to vote. We'll announce the results on Monday, December 7.

Start voting today with our first X-List category: "Hottest Vampire"!


2009 was definitely the year of the vamp, from the Cullens of New Moon, to the old frenemies of True Blood. And let's not forget the brothers of The Vampire Diaries!

So tell us, who gets your vote for Hottest Vampire of 2009?