fergiecovercheat.jpg There have been numerous reports about Josh Duhamel cheating on his wife Fergie, and while the two seem to insist that their marriage is "awesome," a certain stripper (along with the folks at Us Weekly!) beg to differ!

Romin Alavi, a lawyer for 34-year-old Atlanta-based exotic dancer Nicole Forrester says that not only did his client pass a lie-detector test, but she has racy texts from Josh that back up her claims!

"Josh bragged about what happened on the set of his movie [Life As We Know It], and someone called the Enquirer with the tip,” Alavi tells Us Weekly. And get this - Us Weekly also reports that "various women across the country have now come forth to claim their own dubious sexcapades" with the sexy Transformers star!

During a broadcast on NorCal's Wild 94.9 radio show on October 30, a woman named Serena called in to say that when the then-engaged actor was filming the Transformers sequel at a New Mexico Air Force base in 2008, he slept with her best friend who was stationed there. The program's producer, Jon Manuel tells Us, "She also said she knew two other people whom he hooked up with." Geez Josh! Can't you keep it in your pants?!

While Josh's lawyer denies all the claims, we can't help but wonder if there is some truth to these reports!