Oh K. Stew, we still love you, but the interview you gave to Entertainment Weekly was so very Megan Fox of you!

During a recent EW roundtable discussion in Vancouver, Canada, Kristen was asked about the rumors of her red hot romance with co-star Rob Pattinson, to which she responded, “I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it. But I’m not going to give the fiending an answer. I know that people are really funny about ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f*cking give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?’” Oh so sneaky! She doesn't actually DENY that she's dating Rob, but we already knew that...

Rob tried to cut in, but Kristen interjected, saying, “I’ve thought about this a lot. There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation: ‘Okay, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.’ I’m just trying to keep something. If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor, I’d be like ‘F*ck off!’ I would answer the exact same way.”

Of course, her partner in crime was right on cue when he looked at Taylor and replied, “Me too.”