Looks like Lindsay Lohan is finally getting the much-needed help she needs to put her troubled life back on track.

A friend tells Life & Style that Lilo has begun to see a therapist, "two, sometimes three times a week.”

The pal goes on to say that “This is not a program or substance-abuse counselor or police officer watching over her; it’s someone to talk to in a confidential state.”

Lilo already attends the court-ordered Right On Programs classes in Glendale as part of her DUI settlement.

"This is a huge stepping-stone for her,” Lindsay's friend adds. “Get in there, talk to someone, figure out what’s going on and then try to fix it." And one of the things that needs the most repairing is her relationship with her family.

Although it's unclear if she's including mending the broken relationship with her father as part of that work.

At least Lindz seems to be making family time a priority for her these days. "She’ll be home in New York with her mom, Dina, and her siblings for Thanksgiving.”

Lindsay's got a lot to be thankful for this year (the fact that she's still alive being one) but hopefully this new step in her life will be one that will bring her even more to be thankful for next year!