After seeing the report that his daughter Lindsay (with the help of mom Dina) is planning to take out a restraining order against him, Michael Lohan spoke exclusively to X17online about the situation, telling us he fears for Lindsay's health, and he demands that she return to rehab ASAP!

Michael tells X17online exclusively:

    ...And now that Lindsay and Dina continue to lie and deny her problems, and even make up stories about me, NOW, you will see and hear Lindsay's calls and texts TOO! I am NOT the liar, they are, and now everyone will know. Hopefully then, they will realize how deceptive and in denial they are, and finally realize that lying and denial are part of their addictions. That's right, I said THEIR, and you all know what I mean! RIGHT DINA!?

    As far as Lindsay is concerned, if she retracts her statement and goes into a rehab, I will stop. But if the lies continue and prescription drug use don't stop. Neither will I. As for me. I am sorry I Had to talk this root [sic], but I have tried and tried to help Linds,and I been lied about long enough ... Lindsay has two weeks to get herself into a LONG TERM rehab. By the way, this is all coming from Dina, because Ali texted me two days ago telling me not to release any tapes of Dina. Dina should be ashamed of HERSELF by continually using her kids and ..... Others"

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