robstennightout2.jpg As time goes by, Robsten seem to care less and less about who sees them engaging in PDA, which means MAYBE we'll get an official announcement or a picture of them kissing before the year ends?

While the rest of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's New Moon co-stars partied at The Box in NYC the other night, the lovebirds snuck over to Soho House, where an eyewitness tells Us Weekly the two took "turns in the smoking room." After that, the duo went over to club Avenue around 1:30AM, where they took a table on the mezzanine. A source tells the mag the two kept a security guard close by for "more private time."

Though Robsten were joined by several other individuals, including Joan Jett, a source at the Avenue says, "They sat very close to each other [and] looked very happy together. They chatted together the entire time." The best part? When the lovers left around 3AM, "they were holding hands."