carriemissusa.jpgimage courtesy of / Miss USA L.P.

She may have admitted to one solo sex tape made for a boyfriend, calling it the "biggest mistake of my life," but it looks like ex-Miss California, Carrie Prejean, made seven other big mistakes, too.

Radar has unearthed seven more solo sex tapes (bringing her total to 8) and 30 nude photos of the devoutly Christian beauty queen, most taken in the mirror by Prejean herself.

"On one tape Carrie is wearing just a flowing white blouse as she touches her own body in an alluring manner," reports the site. "Carrie can be heard moaning on a few of the tapes."

Prejean recently settled her suit with the Miss California USA pageant, whom she sued for religious discrimination, after her "too graphic" for the web original sex tape surfaced. She threatened to walk off of Larry King's show when he repeatedly asked her what made her decide to settle. I guess maybe now we know the answer!