mtyson070709.jpgX17online has spoken with an eyewitness on the scene of tonight's altercation between Mike Tyson, 43, and a videographer trying to capture the fighter on tape at LAX and here's the story we get ...

Tyson arrived at the international terminal Tom Bradley at Los Angeles International Airport. He was returning to the States after a four-date Come Back To The Fans Tour in England. Tyson's luggage was lost and he was sent to United Terminal 7 to file a report. Our source says he was with his wife Lakiha Spicer and their daughter Milan.

Our source tells X17online exclusively:

    "Mike was really getting upset the longer this paparazzo kept following him. It's a long walk from the international terminal to Terminal 7 where he was sent for his luggage and he was so mad that he had to walk there with his wife and daughter and this annoying guy following him the whole way. You could see the rage building."

A videographer named Tony (not from X17) was following Tyson throughout the ordeal. Tyson was upset about the luggage situation and was further infuriated by Tony following him.

The eye witness tells X17online Tyson went to the restroom at one point and the videographer followed him in there!

Our eyewitness says:

    "When this photographer followed Tyson into the bathroom, it was insane. You could literally see steam coming out of Mike's ears. With those tattoos on his face and that look in his eyes, it was really, really scary."

That caused the altercation and the police were called. The photographer was knocked out, we're told; but apparently it couldn't be established who threw the first punch so both Tyson and the photographer were arrested. It is unclear whether the photographer was treated for injuries or not and if so, where.

Mike Tyson has been transferred to another, yet undisclosed, police station.

The LAX police department where Tyson and Tony were first being held isn't talking at this point and the LAPD downtown isn't either.

Stay tuned ...