As we inch closer to 2010, we've reviewed some of the biggest entertainment news stories of the last 12 months, and we need your help in deciding which celeb was the most scandalous this year!

Of course, you could pick Lindsay Lohan for her late night club hopping, wild bathroom parties, manic Twitter outbursts and her messy career moves, but she wasn't the only one who had a rollercoaster ride of a year.

There were plenty of other celebrities who made a name for themselves, and not in a good way - just ask Kanye West! The CAPS loving rapper has always been a rather outspoken fella, and while we were willing to forgive him for attacking a photographer at LAX in 2008, the stunt he pulled at the VMAs this year put him right back on the most scandalous list. Though Kanye apologized to country cutie Taylor Swift for ruining her evening, we know this isn't the last time he's going to cause trouble, so it should be interesting to see what happens this coming year, as we haven't really heard from him since he went into hermit mode.

Finally, Michael Jackson's death stunned us this past summer, but the real scandal came after his passing when words like "homicide" and "drug overdose" surfaced, both from gossip sites and police reports. The controversy surrounding Michael's sudden death was probably the biggest news story of the year, and the drama that his family has dealt with in the months after has been tantamount to the media frenzy that began on June 25.

And no, we didn't FORGET Tiger Woods, we're just trying to keep this thing a bit more Hollywood. I think we all could agree that Woods is ending this year with quite a bang! - We'll go ahead and give him the honorary Most Scandalous Star of 2009 Award :)