alyssasnookie.jpgSnookie pic courtesy Scott Gries/MTV

Some people just cannot recognize class, intelligence, taste and fine entertainment when they see it.

Alyssa Milano (a proud Italian-American) told Us at the UNICEF ball last night that after her husband showed her the trailer online, "It upset me. I was like, 'Turn that off!' So no, I don't think I'll be watching that!'"

The only thing that should have upset her is that no one got punched out in last night's episode (we'll have to wait until next week for that!)

However, Snookie, the lady of the house, told Wendy Williams, "The Italian, whatever, national, whatever their organization is, they don’t understand that 'guidos' and 'guidettes' are good-looking people that, you know, like to make a scene and be center of attention and just take care of themselves." She went on to rub it in Milano's face, saying, "They are old-fashioned. They think it's offensive, because maybe in their time it was offensive, but now it's kind of a compliment. So they don't understand that and that is what we are trying to say. They are way overreacting to the show. We're 22 to 29 just having fun at the shore. They are just taking it way out of proportion."

At 37, I guess Alyssa is just too old to realize that the show is a bigger phenomenon than "Teen Steam" ever was.