The love fest between the Beckhams and the Cruises may extend to parenting and good looks, but David Beckham's got no love for Tom Cruise's dinner games, especially when they involve singing!

Becks told George Lopez that singing in public is his "worst nightmare," so one night out at a dinner, when Tom suggested, "'OK, let's play a music game, let's start a singing game!'" Beckham tried to do anything to get out of it, even texting a friend at a table nearby to save him from singing!

Still, even though Beckham doesn't like Tom's "game night," he does say that TomKat are "amazing parents," and Tom is "one of the most handsome men I've ever met."

Sounds like the bromance is still in full effect! But what's Becks got to say about his wife Victoria?

She's "cool."