Uh oh, looks like Eminem's at it again...

MTV reports that several sites, including ThisIs50.com have gotten a hold of the lyrics for Eminem's new song "Elevator," and it goes something like this:

"Sorry, Lance [Bass], Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it / They get so mad, when I call them both fake / It's all these f*cking voices in my head, I can't take it / Someone shut that f*cking baby up, before I shake it."

While it seems like a lot of f-bombs, upon closer inspection, it looks like Eminem tried to pull a Britney style play on words, as Towleroad.com has noted, "fake it's" sounds phonetically like a homophobic slur that we've heard the rapper use before.

When MTV News contacted a label rep for Eminem yesterday, there was no comment and official lyrics for the song were not available at press time.

So what does Adam Lambert think of all this? He tweeted, "Wow, Eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doing something right!? Even if he used the 'F word,' whatever." However, shortly after that he said, "Oh, he says 'fake it.' My bad."

Think this is all just a big coincidence, or is Eminem trying to do what Britney Spears did with "If You Seek Amy"? I bet Em is livid that we're comparing him to the pop princess!