In addition to all the lovely ladies that have come forward claiming that they've had intimate relations with Tiger Woods, a new report claims that doctors were concerned the golf star may have been abusing prescription drugs.

“One doctor felt concerned enough to raise the question with him of whether he was using painkiller medications and also sleeping agents at too fast of a rate and whether he might become addicted,” Gerald Posner, Chief Investigative Reporter for The Daily Beast tells Access Hollywood.

Tiger was reportedly taking a painkiller for a knee injury (that's been a problem since childhood) at the time of the accident. Even though Woods was unconscious when the cops arrived on the scene, no alcohol or drug test was administered.

"The Florida Highway Patrol didn’t do their job. They didn’t give him a breathalyzer, a urine test or blood test so no test that night on Tiger Woods to see if in fact he was on any type of medication that he shouldn’t have been on,” Posner said.

The cops eventually did decide to test Tiger's blood; they subpoenaed the sample taken from Tiger at the hospital three days after the incident, but the results of that test are still unknown.