Melanie Griffith smoking cigarette driving cell phone Melanie Griffith smoking cigarette driving cell phone

Photogs snapped Melanie Griffith nervously smoking in her car yesterday after she was spotted trying to buy concealer to cover up a black eye.

A source tells X17online Xclusively that Melanie ran into the Larchmont Beauty Supply store yesterday afternoon with a big shiner.

    "Melanie ran into the store looking like she was wasted on something," says our source. "She was so out of it, she mistook me for a salesman and asked me where the concealer was! As I showed her the makeup section, she rambled on about being a klutz. She bought the concealer I suggested then ran back out to cover up her shiner. As big as it was, I think she needed a lot of it!"

Later, photogs snapped Melanie driving around in the rain, talking on the phone and smoking, before she threw her butt out the window.

If she really is that clumsy, we hope she'll be more careful next time!