lohannotarrest.jpgOnline reports say Lindsay's father Michael Lohan was arrested this weekend but X17online has spoken with Mr. Lohan who claims that's NOT TRUE!

Reports say Lohan was arrested in Medford, NY, charged with criminal contempt of court after attempting to call his ex-fiancee Erin Muller who has a restraining order against him.

Michael says, uh uh ... he just told X17online.com exclusively:

    To begin with, I was never arrested over the weekend. Secondly, the original charge , that stated I threatened to kill Erin or myself was proven false and was dropped. Because of a mutual confidentiality Erin and I have I can only say that an order of protection was in place and Erin once again made a claim that will be proven wrong. As a matter of fact, a lot more will be proven wrong with the taped conversations, pictures, videos, and documentation I have which is being submitted to the authorities and courts. Much the same as when any person proves to lie or threaten the truth. I did however answer the complaint Erin made saying I merely called her when the order was in place, to which - was processed and released.
    I wish Erin the best and hope she finds whatever it is, she is looking for. I spent over two years with her and came to love her and truly care for her and all she went through in her years prior to meeting me.