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X17online was the first to report that Tiger Woods entered an upscale rehab facility in Arizona, and while recent reports claim Tiger was in Palm Beach with alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel over the weekend, no one has come forward with pictures or additional information to prove it.

While rehab certainly couldn't hurt Tiger's reputation or his marriage, sports columnist Furman Bisher claims that he's received a "legitimate message" from a "trustworthy journalist" that explains what really went down back in November, and how Tiger went to Arizona for reconstructive surgery on his face! While several media outlets are questioning the lengthy message, it certainly seems like large chunks of it have some truth to them.

The message claims that wife Elin Nordegren found a text (and other damning evidence) from Rachel Uchitel on Tiger's cell phone, and when the golf champ returned home from a poker game with the boys on the night of November 26, she tried to talk with him about it. Here's an excerpt from the infamous (and anonymous) message:

    "At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV, and as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9 – iron. When she struck Tiger, she put a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose (causing his nose to bruise some), and virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out, and breaking the bone on the upper right side. Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house (which is why he had on no shoes) with Elin swinging the golf club throughout the hallway to the garage (i.e. causing the severe damage which has been reported). Tiger hoped in the Escalade and tried to leave; and as we know Elin knocked out the windows in the Escalade."

After the incident, a doctor supposedly told Tiger's agent Mark Steinberg that he knew of a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic dentist in Arizona where Tiger could go to have his face fixed, which would help keep reporters and photographers off his back in Florida. Tiger and Mark flew out and stayed in Phoenix for several days as Tiger recovered from the operations which were much "more intense than what they had originally planned."

Though it's been reported that Tiger returned to Florida after he was partially healed, no one has any physical proof of his whereabouts, and since it sounds like his face was pretty bashed up, we wouldn't be surprised to learn that he was hiding out somewhere like a rehab facility in Arizona. I mean, why not keep a low profile, let your face heal and treat your sex (and possible drug) addiction all at once? Seems pretty logical to us!

Click after the jump to read the complete message which details Elin and Tiger's squabble along with the surgery he's reportedly had to repair his battered face...