And she's a diner waitress! Nothing surprises me with Tiger Woods at this point.

There's a big story on The Daily Mail about Mindy Lawton, a waitress at Perkins diner nearby Tiger's home in Windermere. He and wife Elin came in regularly for breakfast starting in summer '06. Around that time, Tiger began a 14-month long affair with Mindy.

But it's not Mindy who's telling the story! It's her sister Lynn, a schoolteacher, who has a lot to say:

    "She is extremely, extremely naive, my sister. She is single, never married, never had children and still looking for a relationship. I have to hand it to him. It was brilliant to choose my sister to play his kind of game."

Lynn also talks about Tiger and her sister meeting at his house - while his wife wasn't around - to have sex "every two or three weeks." She said Tiger also sent Mindy dirty texts, saying things like: "'Do you want to get laid?' It was crude."

The story of this affair would've come out in the spring of '07, when a tabloid mag got blurry pix of Tiger and Mindy together in a car, but - according to Daily Mail - Team Tiger convinced the tabloid to withhold the pix in return for Tiger appearing on the August 2007 cover of its stablemate publication, Men's Fitness.

Damn! I guess that's what a lot of power and money can do.

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