Bradley Cooper has bought a three bedroom, three bath house in Pacific Palisades, where, sources tell X17online, he plans on spending a lot of time with girlfriend Renee Zellweger.

Bradley currently owns a small house in Venice beach, but since dating Renee, he's been looking to upgrade his bachelor pad. In fact, just before Christmas, X17online spotted Renee and Bradley's mother checking out new lofts on Main street in the beach town.

But with the big success of The Hangover and a sequel in the works, Bradley went even bigger with a $4,700,000 home in the Pacific Palisades.

Although they may be planning on shacking up together, Bradley bought the crib on his own, through his "Philly Trust". Interesting to note that Renee buys her own property through her "Little Texas Trust". They may have not bought the hot property together, but it seems like she's influencing him on some level!

Renee currently resides in New York city, so this new house could turn out to be quite the love nest for the new couple when construction, which is currently underway on the new pad, is completed!