This is the 911 call made by Casey Johnson's landlord just minutes after she found the heiress' lifeless body, and she told the operator that she believed Casey had already passed away. She said, "She's ice cold and her hands are turning blue...I have two other people here with me and we all think she's dead."

When the 911 operator asks, "What makes you think that this was a suicide?" the landlord replies, "Oh I don't know if it's a suicide ... very often her medication gets all screwed up so [this is] probably because of that." The woman, who is the owner of Johnson's rented Orlando Avenue home must have been horrified to find her, but she doesn't sound all that surprised, which is even more tragic.

And this just in -- Nicky Hilton has tweeted that Casey's dogs are still alive, despite Tila's tweet earlier this morning that Nicky had "already killed [Casey's] dog." Maybe Casey's dogs won't be put to sleep after all?