davidrealityshow.jpgIt had to happen ... the usually-drunk David Hasselhoff has inked deal for his own reality show on A&E.

After quitting America's Got Talent, the cable channel announced yesterday that the show about the former Baywatch boss will premiere this year and run for ten episodes.

The show will follow the 57 year-old dad as he raises his 19- and 17-year old daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley. They will NOT focus on the Hoff's well-documented struggle with alcohol, however.

So what does that mean? Boooring!!!

The way I see it, the only things that would make this show worth watching would be ...

  • to see Hasselhoff go through rehab and get sober

  • to see the Hoff wasted and eating hamburgers, on a regular basis

  • to see David skateboard into traffic with his eyes closed, a la Danny Bonaduce

If we don't see at least one of the above, I'm predicting the show will be a flop!