heidi2milcd.jpg Who knew Heidi Montag spent more money on her album than she did on her plastic surgery? Sadly, the results are about the same...

Heidi sat down with Entertainment Weekly to chat about the release of her new album "Superficial," and not only does she reveal that she spent nearly $2 million to make the record, but she claims it will stand up to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"! She says:

    "I definitely [think "Superficial" will hold up to "Thriller"]. I think people might not see it now, because it’s my first album coming out. But I’ve spent as much time–maybe more, even–than Thriller. Every detail was very important to me, because I take this very seriously. Most artists, it’s not their own money, but I’ve actually gone broke putting every dollar I’ve ever made and my heart and soul into this music. For me, I have a different appreciation, a different understanding, and a different love of my music and for my album than any other artist possibly could. Because this is my money. This is my gamble. This is my chance."

Heidi says she practically went broke making the album, and she reveals that she spent a whopping $2 million on the project. She tells EW:

    "I’ve spent over a million, almost $2 million on this album. It’s cost as much or more than a Britney Spears album, because I wanted it to be that quality and to be able to get those people. My album would have cost a record label over $4 million."

Rather than spending millions of dollars on a record that likely sounds like a screeching cat in heat, it seems like her money might have been better spent on a charity organization. If she has that kind of money to burn on a CD, she should really be donating a substantial amount to Haiti right now, don't you think?