kendallmodel.jpgShe's already strutted her stuff on the sidewalks (in a midriff top and short shorts) and now Kendall Jenner is getting ready to strut her stuff for Forever 21 as a new Wilhelmina model.

Course, being the youngest Kardashian, Kendall's got a lot to live up to -- but also a lot of experience to pull from!

She tells E!, "I looked to Kim for posing advice. [Kourtney] said to put my own style into the clothes that I was wearing. I was a little nervous before the shoot, but after I started taking a couple of pictures it just flowed and it was so fun."

I guess since the only real modeling Khloe did was in the nude (for Peta), we can be grateful she didn't solicit any tips from her!

I'd like to think we at X17online helped launched her career with this shot!