Lindsay Lohan  boot hat dress

Adam Lambert  rings blazer gay homosexual american idol

Uh, say what???

First of all, what is UP with LiLo's crazy eyes in this pic! Note, it was before the car accident, so that's no excuse. Anyway...

Both Lindsay and Adam Lambert were at the Hotel Cafe last night and it seems the two really hit it off! Well, scratch that - it seems Linds really wanted to hit it off with Adam. Our photog on the scene has this to say:

    "Lindsay was all over Adam. She almost seemed to be flirting with him. She was pursuing him like he was the biggest star she’d ever met. I guess now that she’s on the outs with Patrick, she needs a new gay BFF. Or maybe she wanted to hook up with him ... Or both. I don’t know; it was weird the way she was acting!"

To be honest, nothing surprises me with LiLo these days. Anything that can bring her more attention, the better!