Geez, she goes through men like most of us go through breathmints!

Just 24 hours after her hot make out session with French actor Aurelien Wiik at Church Boutique on Monday night, Lindsay Lohan partied with former fling Jason Segel at the Chateau Marmont on Tuesday evening!

Lindsay arrived at the Chateau around 10pm and left around 1:30am, at which point she went to a private party in the Hollywood Hills with several pals. X17 photographers tell X17online that the house party was right around the corner from Jennifer Aniston's pad, and Lindsay stayed until 4am!

Maybe Lindsay ran back to Jason after finding out that Aurelien swings both ways? Sources are telling X17online that Mr. Wiik is into ladies and gentlemen, and for orientation on his MySpace he lists "Not Sure," so is there any chance that turned Lindsay off? But isn't that a wee bit hypocritical?