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The plot thickens! After it was reported that Lindsay Lohan broke up with her best friend Patrick Aufdenkamp over him allegedly pilfering her 6126 clothing sketches, Patrick tweeted, "Everyone will know the truth soon enough. And I mean Everything...!"

So what does Patrick have to say about the situation? We caught Pootie at LAX last night, and when asked if he stole Lindsay's sketches, Patrick replied, "That's not true." While he wasn't interested in chatting about the details of the accusations, he definitely seemed eager to shoot down the rumors that he's a thief.

So what really happened? And when will Lindsay's former number one pal dish the dirt? Unless these two reconcile as soon as Lindsay gets home, we're guessing it's going to be a matter of days before the secrets start spilling out!

Check out the video below to see what else Pootie had to say!