Yup, we've got another contest for our X17online readers, but we're making this one a little bit trickier than our last one. If you can correctly predict the Golden Globe winners for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture in the Drama categories, we'll pick YOU as our lucky winner.

So what's in this highly coveted swag bag? Melanie Segal's Golden Globes Lounge (which is presented by the House of Blues) contains a $1,500 Croton watch, a $2,250 membership to the House of Blues' exclusive Foundation Room, Live Nation concert tickets, Vera Wang's new perfume Glam Princess, 2(x)ist men's undies, a year's supply of edible treats from Sorbee and much much more - click after the jump to see the complete list of products!

If you think you're up to the challenge, click after the jump and enter your predictions, along with your name, city, and a valid e-mail address and we will announce a winner, chosen at random from the correct answers, on Tuesday! We will close voting at midnight on Saturday January 16, so be sure to give us your predictions before then!

1. Best Motion Picture (Drama) choices: a) Avatar b) The Hurt Locker c) Inglourious Basterds, d) Precious and e) Up In The Air

2. Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) choices: a) Emily Blunt, b) Sandra Bullock, c) Helen Mirren, d) Carey Mulligan and e) Gabourey Sidibe

3. Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) choices: a) Jeff Bridges, b) George Clooney, c) Colin Firth, d) Morgan Freeman and e) Tobey Maguire