After reports that Tiger Woods was spotted at a local airport last Friday (along with a grainy photo of what appears to be Tiger at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic), speculation is growing stronger that the golf pro is holed up at the Hattiesburg, Mississippi rehab facility.

Though Tiger's rep won't comment on his whereabouts, a menacing 16-foot fence was put up around the clinic to block photographers and onlookers from gaining access. The program costs a whopping $37,100 for 45 days, but it's certainly not a lux rehab facility, as evident from the pictures we snapped the other day. An X17 photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:

    "This place really doesn't seem fun at all. The living quarters look like army barracks and the grounds are bare and cold. I honestly don't know how Tiger's getting through this. He's used to sunny Florida, his multi-million-dollar home and now he's in the middle of this mess. It's gotta be hell for him."

While photographs on the facility's website depict a tranquil setting that looks like the inside of a posh gated community, it doesn't look anything like the barracks-style housing Tiger's reportedly been staying in. Tiger could have checked himself into a more upscale rehab facility on the west coast, but instead he's choosing to keep a low profile at a relatively simple place where he's stripped of excess and forced to get back to the basics.

Tiger may be used to living in his multi-million dollar 6,809 square foot Windemere, Florida mansion (the 8 bedroom, 9 bathroom house was purchased for $2.4 million ten years ago - it's estimated to be worth around $5 million now), so we can only imagine how difficult it is for him to adjust to his new home while he tries to get his life back together. Of course, Tiger is trying to do all this while staying out of the public eye, which has to add even more stress to the situation.

Think we'll catch him out anytime soon? Or will the fences keep him hidden for the next month or so? Only time will tell...