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Last night Chris Pine and girlfriend Olivia Munn dined at Madeo, and not only did they have to shield themselves from the rain, but they also had to battle a pack of photographers asking them questions about their rumored breakup.

Olivia didn't seem to care about it, but Chris looked increasingly annoyed as he tried to make his way to his car. One photographer got a little too close for comfort, and Chris actually ended up taking a swing at him from the driver's seat - yikes!

An X17 photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:
    "Chris didn't seem very protective of Olivia, but he was definitely looking out for himself! When one pap got up in his face, he reached out from inside the car and hit him! I definitely wouldn't mess with this guy!"

After their romantic meal, the couple went to Voyeur around 12:45am and stayed for an hour. I guess there's not an ounce of truth to those split rumors, as a source inside the club tells X17online exclusively:

    "They are totally boyfriend and girlfriend and into each other. They were both sporting huge smiles and they whispered into each others ears throughout the night and laughed hysterically. They were even watching the nude dancers all over each other and they were enjoying it as though it was turning them on. They stood by the dancers' stage and never left. They looked at each other affectionately and I would definitely say that these two are a hot item again!"