G's To Gents jailbird Markice Moore told X17online exclusively that only God can judge him for the horrific abuse his infant child allegedly suffered at his hands.

Moore turned himself into cops Wednesday after being accused of breaking both of his infant daughter's arms, one leg, three ribs and a collarbone.

The G's To Gents star, who was released later that night on a $20,000 bond maintains his innocence.

"I'm innocent, which is crazy, and we'll see in court," said Markice "Kesan" Moore. "I think I'm going to be exonerated of all charges."

"What do want to say to all the people who are quick to judge you?" the cameraman asked him. "That's not up for y'all to do, that's God's decision," he said.

But if he's really guilty of all those disgusting things he's accused of, we think God's definitely got a judgment coming for him!