The World Exclusive first photo of Tiger Woods in rehab is NOT Tiger!

X17 got these photos of the Tiger look alike today outside of the Pine Grove Gentle Path rehabilitation center in Mississippi, and though the man certainly resembles Tiger with his athletic build, one look at his face reveals that this is the wrong guy. From the shorts to the watch to the white Hurley tee, this is clearly the same man in both shots, and he even has a unique way of wearing his black hooded sweatshirt around his neck like a scarf.

About 20 men from the rehab center were outside exercising today, and an X17 photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:

    "All the media outside the rehab center ran to follow this guy coming out of the building. We all knew this was the same guy that had been identified as Tiger. He had the same sweathshirt, the same baseball cap - everything. Then, we finally got a good look at his face and all the photographers looked at each other and said, 'That's not him!' We all took off."

Yup, definitely not Tiger! So is he really even there? Is this a decoy? Or is it just coincidence there's a look alike at the rehab facility? It's now been exactly two months since we've seen a single photograph of Tiger, so if he's stayed in hiding for this long, we're guessing we're not going to snap a picture of him anytime soon.

Since Tiger's rep hasn't commented on his whereabouts, and as the supposed first shot of Tiger isn't actually him, we're pretty much back to square one in terms of locating the adulterous golf pro. Given all the media attention Pine Grove has received over the past week, it's entirely possible that the barriers were erected to protect the privacy of the other patients there...

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