katyperrypreg.jpg X17 photographers JUST spotted Katy Perry leaving the Century City Doctors Hospital in Century City, California, and we're hearing that the recently engaged songbird was there to get her first sonogram!

X17 photographers on the scene tell X17online exclusively, "Katy looked positively radiant when she stepped out of the doctors office, and while she wouldn't comment on her pregnancy, her face said it all!" We spotted Katy baring her belly the other day as she shopped in LA, and while we couldn't detect a visible baby bump, she's not going to be showing anything for a while...

As you know, Katy and British comedian Russell Brand officially announced their engagement last week, so a baby is the next logical step, and this totally explains the food cravings she's been tweeting about! Perhaps that's why she headed to Il Cielo after her doctor's appointment?

Stay tuned to X17online.com for exclusive video of Katy!