Anne Hathaway shows us what she's got in the upcoming GQ UK edition -- and honey, what she's got!

And apparently she knows how to use it too ... she gave one lucky journalist a personal lesson in Movie Kissing 101 for their cover interview. Here's an excerpt:

    "You have to leave your mouth open a little bit..." she purrs, making me squirm into uncharted levels of prudishness, closing her eyes and smudging her plump red lips against her own left hand, which she's holding tenderly with her right as she might the face of a co-star. "Open up," Anne suggests breathlessly as the earth seems to spin ever so slightly faster on its axis. "More, more, ever so lightly... otherwise you're going to be getting smooshy," she advises. "Now... slow it down... just a little bit..."

Oh, and because Anne knows how to get publicity for her interviews, she name-dropped Angelina Jolie and called her the perfect on-screen kisser. I think I'd rather kiss Anne with those moves!