carriecosmocover.jpg We love love love Carrie Underwood, and not just because she's gorgeous and talented, but because she's a very down to earth gal who doesn't ooze a drop of diva.

The country star covers the March issue of Cosmopolitan, and in it she expresses her sincerest gratitude towards the television show that made her famous. Carrie says, "Nobody wouldve looked at me twice if it weren't for Idol. Back then, I was 20 pounds heavier and literally fresh off the farm." Aww, not only is she modest and honest, but she's got a sense of humor about it too. Gotta love that!

Carrie also gabs about being set up with fiance Mike Fisher (“I made sure he came in with some other people. I was, like, ‘what if he’s weird?’”) and how she balances her career and personal life, telling the mag, “I didn’t want to be one of those people who has an amazing career but ends up alone and unhappy. I want to be happy. I want it all.”

Sounds like she's got it all, and we couldn't be happier for her!