tigerjogging1.jpgphotos courtesy Getty Images

Let the PR campaign begin! Tiger Woods was "spotted" jogging near his Orlando home today by a Getty photographer. And by "spotted," I mean Tiger's peeps set up the shot with Getty so they could get the first images of the beleaguered golfer out to the media ahead of his scheduled intimate chat with "a small group of friends" on Friday during which we expect him to, again, apologize for his infidelity with his wife and perhaps to announce he'll compete in the Masters tournament in early April.

tigerjogging2.jpgTiger and a pal "accidentally" running into a Getty photographer in Woods' gated community today

Reports claim Tiger's been back in Orlando for the past couple of weeks following a supposed stint in a Mississippi rehab for sex addiction. A source tells X17online his supposed time at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services may turn out not to be true (as X17 has doubted all along). It is believed Tiger may have sought some treatment after the Thanksgiving Day accident that launched the world's most famous athlete into one of the hugest cheating scandals we've ever seen, but not for six weeks and perhaps, not in Hattiesburg. While we doubt Tiger will address that in this Friday's press conference (I mean really, it's not an intimate chat with pals, there's a satellite feed going out!), the truth will eventually come out ...